We can help you to enter Brazil, and make your business successful. We can help you to reap the full benefits of the opportunities, and to overcome the obstacles. We have experience and expertise in many areas, and we have an extensive network of contacts.

Brazil is a country that offers tremendous opportunities, but to do business in Brazil is not easy. We have seen many companies with excellent products and a very good business case enter the country but not succeed, due to obstacles that turned up during the way, or because they did not understand the particulars of the Brazilian market. We can help you to avoid such a situation.

Obstacles and opportunities in brazil

Brazil is, indeed, a country of great opportunities:

  • A large domestic market
  • Western business culture and traditions
  • Friendly and open attitude to foreigners
  • Modern business infrastructure
  • Good and competent managers
  • English is commonly spoken in the business community
  • Most companies and people are trustworthy
  • A significant Swedish business community is already present

However, there are also a number of obstacles to doing business in Brazil:

  • Cultural and language barriers
  • Control problems
  • Difficulty to raise capital at reasonable terms
  • Bureaucracy
  • Complex tax and legal systems
  • Problems to recruit the right management and personnel
  • Problems to find the right local partners

We can help you to reap the full benefits from the opportunities present in Brazil, we can help you to avoid or overcome the obstacles, and we can help you to understand the Brazilian market conditions.

You are the experts on your business, we are the experts on brazil

If you are considering to expand abroad, you most likely have a very successful business:

  • You have successfully built your business and made it what it is today
  • You are experts in your area of operations
  • You have overcome many problems and have built a profound experience

We know how to do business in Brazil:

  • We know what obstacles you might face and how to overcome these
  • We can asses the risks you are taking by entering Brazil
  • We know the opportunities offered by Brazil and how to fully benefit from and leverage these

Together we will make your Brazilian business succeed:

  • Together we will optimize your business model for the country-specific conditions of Brazil
  • Together we will set up, grow and operate your business in a way that maximizes the return on your Brazilian investment
Brazilian Business Partners offers three models of cooperation: consulting, representation, and ventures

We can offer a number of consulting and advisory services, through all phases of entry, from concept and definition of strategy, to business set-up and expansion. Consulting is also offered to companies already present in Brazil, to improve and expand their existing operations.

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You might be searching for someone to represent your business in Brazil, or you might already have a representation that you are not content with. We can help you.

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We might also be able to help you by starting your Brazilian operations together with you or for you.

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Why chose us as your brazilian partner?

There are several reasons why you should chose to work with us..

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