Brazilian Business Partners helps foreign companies enter into and trade with Brazil

Brazil is emerging as one of the economic powerhouses in the world, and an increasing number of foreign companies are looking to establishing themselves in the country. Even if Brazil offers tremendous opportunities, it also presents a number of obstacles for doing business.

Brazilian Business Partners aims to help foreign companies to establish successful operations in Brazil. We aim to help companies reap the full benefits of the opportunities offered and at the same time to avoid or overcome the obstacles present. We have many years of experience from Brazil, and we know the market, the rules and regulations, and the obstacles.

Our partners

Brazilian Business Partners has two Partners, Peter Rowland and Henrik Gistren. They are both senior executives, with many years of experience from management consulting and senior management and from Latin America in general and Brazil and Colombia in particular. Peter Rowland comes from McKinsey & Company, and Henrik Gistren just left a senior position at Fibria.

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