Consulting services and advice is one of the core activities of Brazilian Business Partners.

We have many years of experience from Brazil and expertise in many areas and can, therefore, advice you on how to succeed with your business in Brazil.

We believe that you can do many of the activities required to enter Brazil yourselves, and we aim to help you and support you where we add most value. For this reason, we never aim to take on as much work as possible. Instead, we aim to take on the work where our effort is most valuable to your business.

Examples how we can add considerable value:

  • In some cases clients ask us to implement the full market entry ourselvs with only limited support from their side. The reason might be that they do not have the necessery management resources available to send to Brazil.
  • In other cases, clients may ask us to run a full workstream for them. When a company enters Brazil, it generally has a very limited management team, and while their capacity remains constant over time, their workloand normally does not. In such cases we can take on a full workstream to offload the management team in times of very heavy workload.
  • We can perform specific tasks, such as for example market studies, search for a local partner, etc.
  • We can also set up and run the Brazilian Business Development Office of a client entering into the country.
  • We can follow up an entry and we can take on a controlling function after operations have been established in the country, both in the case of a subsidiary and a representation.
We aim to build long-term relationships and follow our clients through all phases of entry

The most important parameter from our perspective is client satisfaction. As long as you are satisfied with our work, and as long as you see that the value added of our work far exceeds our fees, you will continue to work with us. This guarantees the long-term relationship that we always aim to build with our clients.

Entry phases of a company entering Brazil

Analysis and support that we can provide during the different phases include:

  • Opportunity identification

    • Market potential analysis
    • Competitor analysis
    • Visiting program
  • Entry strategy definition

    • Market entry strategy definition
    • Business plan development
    • Identification of potential customers and suppliers
  • Start-up

    • Representative / partner search
    • Legal establishment
    • Office and meeting-room space
  • Build-up

    • Distribution strategy definition
    • Outsourcing of manufacturing
    • Customer financing
  • Growth

    • Restructuring
    • Business strategy definition
    • Mergers and acquisitions